In my understanding the skin captures traces of our life in its surface, like stories. This is what makes the skin so valuable to me. It makes me sad when these stories disappear when the skin, after death, decays. So for me, here arises the need to preserve the skin. I want to slow down time. But how do I start with that? First of all, I looked at the past; the Egyptians who mummified their elite; the embalmed body of Lenin; and closer to home, the emergence of a bog body. The craft of leather tanning brought me to the next level. By tanning the skin proteins are made insoluble. This is traditionally done to prevent decay. There are many methods and resources that have potential tanning properties. The diversity and scope of the tanning craft caught my interest. Since the foundation of my Taxidermic Laboratory I have been researching this process.

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Buckskin Tanning Process