Source: nu.nl

The 26-year-old Tory Reynolds took dramatic measures after she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her. The girl from London decided to remove the skin with the tattooed name of her ex-lover from her arm with a scalpel and send it to him. She reports to the Daily Mail.

Her arm adorned the words ‘chopper’s bitch’, referring to the nickname of her ex-boyfriend. After the single-handed operation, now only a great crust is left to see. At first the 26-year-old thought that her boyfriend went to Alaska to work there for his dream job. Reynolds later found out that he left to Essex, to visit a woman with whom he had an affair for six months.

“Sending him the tattoo, gives a clear message. He will never cheat on me again,” Reynolds said to the newspaper.

She decided to wrap the skin so that it looked like a present. “I’ve even used a different handwriting, so he had no idea that package came from me.”

Reynolds is convinced that her skin will grow back to its former state.