The Inuit have a tradition of hunting. Not for fun, but as a life necessity. This hunt is full with rituals, due to respect for the animal and the environment. One of those rituals is the use of the skin. The skin of the hunted animal is carefully preserved and with great craftsmanship made into a traditional garment. Wearing this skin garment is a posthumous tribute to the animal. The hunter becomes closer to the hunted by wearing its skin; they become one. 

With a desire to experience this feeling, I made a special mantle out of rabbit furs. As well, I want to pay a posthumous tribute to the rabbits. By wearing it, I embody the skin of the rabbits again.

I chose the pattern of this mantle, which is the pattern of one of the first constructed pieces of clothing found on excavations in Western Europe, for its pure, simplified shape.  

Wearing Skin – Mantle is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL

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