Source: Repair project by Platform21/ Premsela, Amsterdam

Sometimes the skin needs to be cut on purpose, in order to repair something that lies underneath. After the skin has been opened, it should be closed again. The skin repairs itself, but needs a little help in the form of stitches. The stitch yarn or metal staples that are used for this help to close up the wound and are removed after a while. What is left is a characteristic scar, a straight line with little dots on each side. People carry this scar with them for the rest of their lives. It is a permanent memory.

Some people cover their scar carefully. Others are proud; it is the witness of a victory, it tells their story. Aesthetic stitch offers these people the opportunity to give more attention to their scar. The unique story that lies behind the scar gets a unique appearance because of a special way of stitching.

A stitch is functional and temporary. The scar that arises is visual and permanent. The Aesthetic stitch is a stitch that has functional properties as well as a visual attractive appearance. It plays with the temporarily character of the stitch.

Aesthetic stitch comes in two varieties. 
With the first variation special beads are stitched in the wound. The beads will be removed at the same moment the stitching yarn is taken out. The skin has formed itself around the beads and what stays behind is a scar with a characteristic shape.

The second variation we can call a piece of implant jewelry. It is put into the wound, and it functions to keep the edges of the wound together. The only difference is that this stitch will not be removed; it becomes a part of the scar. Together with the scar, Aesthetic stitch will form a permanent memory.

Aesthetic stitch is offered to the patient as an alternative for the regular way of stitching. The patient who is interested in the Aesthetic stitch can choose from a wide variety of colours and precious materials, which will give the scar of the patient a very unique look.

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