Source: ‘Oever vel’ & ‘schors hand’

The Flora Batava gives an insight into the use of indigenous plants through the ages (1800-1934). Several species are mentioned therein as 'serving for tanning'. That information feels like a gift, with that knowledge I preserve skin, plant and land. Now I was allowed to give something back to the Flora Batava, by writing two contributions. In the reissue I talk about Iris Pseudacorus and hare skin, Quercus Robor and eekschiller. And who knows that in two centuries someone will still benefit from my contribution, I hope so.

 “The Flora Batava is more than an inventory of wild plant species: it is the longest-running declaration of love for Dutch flora.”

 When publisher Jan Christiaan Sepp started in 1800 with an illustrated survey of all Dutch plants, he could never have imagined that the last part would not appear until 1934. In the end, the Flora Batava consisted of 461 episodes, divided over 28 books: a titanic work to which an extensive circle of amateur botanists, professors and artists contributed. This resulted in the most complete inventory of the country's wild flora to date. A collection that also beautifully illustrates the major changes in the Dutch landscape, science and the appreciation of the national nature.

 The unique reissue in one binding contains a collection of all 2240 plates with more than 2630 plants, mushrooms, lichens and algae painted from life. Moreover, one hundred iconic species have been chosen from this, which are highlighted in full size and with the original text and provided with a new story written by a network of contemporary connoisseurs and admirers of plants. Together with the extensive introduction and the species register, this new Flora Batava gives a colorful picture of our plant world and the special things it houses.

 This book appears under the editorship of Esther van Gelder and Norbert Peeters, with contributions from more than sixty experts. A collaboration between KB, national library and publisher Lannoo.


The book can be ordered here.