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BORDERLAND Where does the body end and the landscape begin? I come to the skin, which is exactly in between, a border that connects inner body and outer world, the membrane between life and death, the place where future and past merge. While researching skin, I become a specialist in skin preservation. There is a growing love for vegetable tanning, where I can fuse plant and animal into a hybrid creature.

EXTINCT Traditional tanning with vegetable tannic acid has practically died out. Nowhere can I find the complete story from tree to leather. I find shreds and stumps.

COLLECTING This publication is a collage of my finds and experiences during my journey through the ‘Looi Land’. It's a collection of fragments, a wunderkammer, a place to wander.



Concept, text and image        Amber Veel
Design and image editing       Meeusontwerpt
Text editor                            Janita Monna


‘Looi Land’ is a hand-bound, numbered edition of 50, three of which have a limited edition artist cover.

You can order you copy of Looi Land for €49,95 (ex. shipping costs) by sending an email to:

‘Looi Land’ is made possible by the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds on behalf of the Tijlfonds.