I studied textile at the Rietveld Academy (2007-2011). There my vision on textile developed. As an honour to my teachers and to the department, who laid the base of my working and thinking, I derived the description to the glossary term 'textile' from: http://www.gerritrietveldacademie.nl/en/txt-textile

TXT (Textile)


The textile department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie is called TXT, short for textile and text. Both words derive from the Latin verb tessere, which means 'to weave'. TXT has developed an on going investigation in combining material explorations with cultural research. Students are inventing new ways to apply techniques like weaving, felting, knitting and printing into readable assemblages. These experiments result in a variety of outcomes: new materials, innovative applications, autonomous work and engaged statements that can also take the form of an essay, lecture or performance. The exchange between written word and all kinds of materiality is examined, tested, discussed, recycled and represented. There is an infinite array of possibilities for producing new textiles, closely related to social webs and networks, garments and homes.

In short:
Textile | Context | Text | Tactility | Texture | Theory | Technique | Textualities

With great thanks to all my TXT teachers: Joke Robaard, Giene Steenman, Erik Wong, Heleen Klopper, Joost Post, Severine Amsing and Nicky den Breejen

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