George Bataille writes in his book Erotism: Death and Sensuality, about the thematics: 'Transgressing' and 'Death'.

[…]Man achieves his inner experience at the instant when bursting out of the chrysalis he feels that he is tearing himself, not tearing something outside that resists him.[...]

For me this is an option for thinking about the inside and outside body, and the 'skin' in between those two worlds.

[...] We have the evidence of his technical skill left by numerous and various stone tools. This skill was remarkable enough in that if he had not given it his considered attention, going back on and perfecting his first idea, he could not have achieved results that were constant and in the long run greatly improved. His tools are in any case not the only proof of an incipient opposition to violence; the burial places left by Neanderthal man bear witness to this also.[...]

When prehistoric man started working with tools (by that reducing everything to order), he simultaneously created a taboo on death (=disorder), taking distance from it and creating rituals like burial. It is interesting to see how working and the use of tools have a relationship with existence. What happens when I work with the dead skin? What kinds of tools and rituals do I use?

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